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Zuper builds technology solutions to help organizations provide exceptional Customer Experience. Zuper is focused on creating the world’s most comprehensive tool for field workforce collaboration.

Your Challenges / Zuper Solutions

Struggling with Delivery Tracking and fulfilment?


Wasting time allocating jobs/work orders?


Suffering from poor customer retention?


Stressing over inefficient Payment Management?

AI-powered Smart Dispatching to streamline your processes

Manage your Work Orders efficiently, from anywhere.

Boost your sales with Gift Cards & Loyalty Programs

Automatic Invoicing and hassle-free Payments

Versatility Across Industries

Reimagine service delivery and delight your customers with Zuper's Intelligent Service Management Software


Bird's-Eye View

Monitor & boost your team’s performance and improve customer service experience.

Observe your KPIs by day, week, or month range and leverage data to make business decisions.


Tailor the dashboard and get real-time insights into your customers’ feedback, revenue, parts utilizations, etc,.

Work Order Management

Work order management and scheduling are not the same in every business. Incorporate your own workflows specific to your work order category.

With a simple drag & drop, you will be able to configure your work order process in minutes and even personalize the terminology of the statuses.

Scheduling Made Easy.png

Scheduling Made Easy

Bring an end to endless copies of dispatching schedules and having to manually update field service scheduling calendars.

Create work orders easily for your entire team, add parts/services, assign technicians, and create quotations and invoices at a glance, anywhere, any time, on any device.

AI - Intelligent Dispatching

Simple and powerful experience to give full visibility and transparency of the jobs, resources, and locations to the Dispatchers. Dispatchers can efficiently allocate jobs from any device anywhere. Smart allocation with AI to reduce manual efforts.

Timesheet & shift Management

Smart Geo-Fencing

Drastically reduce the occurrence of timesheet errors. 

Shifts & Rosters

Manage your co-workers’ roster digitally from anywhere. No more paperwork. Automatically notifies your co-workers for shift updates.

Time-off Management

Enable your Field co-worker to request time off & leave directly from their app with managers approval. 

Automate Invoicing

Enable your field team or the back office to create invoices quickly and easily. Convert estimates to invoices in a single click. All the information from the estimate is automatically populated in the invoice. No more redundant manual steps.

Secure Identity Management with Face Recognition

No more buddy punching and false timesheets. Zuper is World’s first Field Workforce platform to provide secure timesheet management with Face recognition technology.

Zuper’s state-of-the-art Face recognition does more than just securing timesheets. You can prevent unauthorized access to sensitive information and secure access of the app.

The Best part? You don’t need any proprietary hardware or specific smartphones.


G2Crowd names Zuper as the Summer 2021 High Performer in Field Service Management Software


Apps you love are integrated with Zuper

3 hrs+

Average time saved per team member in a day


Reduction in time to schedule tasks


Work orders have been created using Zuper


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