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Core Features

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Survey Builder

Surveys of all types, built to serve any purpose in any language. Conversational, customizable & easy-to-use survey platform.

Omnichannel Distribution

Email to embed and QR code - Share surveys through multiple channels. Convenience delivered to ensure high response rates.


Built-in automations to trigger surveys, store insights & generate tickets. Solutions optimized with workflows, API & webhooks.


Extend capabilities & stay connected to umpteen tools. Uncompromised data collection
& insights in just a touch.

Business Intelligence

Powerful analytics to help you understand business data easily. Custom dashboards, widgets, charts & reports to guide actions.

Case Management

Superior ticketing system that converts responses into automated, trackable tickets. Assign teams, trigger alerts & share notes.

Refine your experience management programs,

Solutions built to scale

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Customer Experience

Refine experiences at every touchpoint across the customer journey. Collect feedback, measure customer satisfaction, optimize customer acquisition and boost loyalty at every point.

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Employee Experience

Cultivate a positive work environment & drive employee engagement. Cover all aspects of employee experience right from recruiting to onboarding & 360-degree assessments. Conduct scrum meetings, stand-ups, or even set up a self-help employee portal.

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Product Experience

Power up your market research and segmentation programs. Gather valuable data such as consumer tendencies, market climate, and competitors. Set goals and strategies the right way & close the feedback loop in style.

Why SurveySparrow?

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Enterprise-grade Security.

Maintain Your Brand Identity.

SurveySparrow provides several security features to ensure that your data is safe. It has an integrated GDPR & CCPA compliance system, along with SSO for organizations and custom SSL keys so you can
complete control over your data.

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Intuitive Interface for Seamless Experience.

Build. Integrate. Share.

Reports.SurveySparrow is the fastest way to get your feedback collected. Easy-to-use survey platform that makes it quick, simple, and affordable for any size business or team!

Automate with Visual Workflows.

White label your surveys, email campaigns, and URLs with a custom domain to maintain your brand identity at each touchpoint. Give your surveys and reports a unique look using white-labeling.

With Visual Workflows, close the feedback loop by automating your response management. As a result, you will get things done in less time than it would take if performed manually!

Security above all

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Badges of Appreciation


Powering 100,000+ customers worldwide

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Why work with us

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Customized Design


We not only help you get started with SurveySparrow, but also advise on industry best practices
ensuring you get your full value out of the solution.

We give your surveys a personal touch by customizing them to match your website theme or brand
guidelines and thus help align with your marketing tools.

Jack of all trades, master of none. Every solution may not have everything that you need, by
integrating with BI platforms we turn all your survey data into actionable insights.

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